Myanmar Livestock Sector

Livestock Sector in Myanmar

Among the sectors of economic activity, Agriculture represented 26% of GDP in the fiscal year 2016-17.

Labor force of 18 million people, about 70% of the population are involved in the Livestock, Feed and Agriculture industry.

The private sector accounts for 98% of livestock breeding.

Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD) plays the governing role in animal health and development. Myanmar Livestock Federation (MLF) is an NGO representing farmers and industry.


  • The Union of Republic of Myanmar is situated in the South East Asia with five neighboring countries – Thailand and Laos to the east and south east, Bangladesh to the west, India to the north- west and China to the north and north-east. The Bay of Bengal and the Adman Sea are the southern boundaries of the country.
  • The country area is 677,000 square kilometers: 936 kilometers from east to west and 2051 kilometers from north to south.
  • The total population in Myanmar was estimated at 53.4 million people in 2017.

Why invest in Myanmar?

Myanmar is in an excellent position to access to regional and global factor markets as well as product markets. It is the largest country of mainland Southeast Asia and has – beyond its domestic market of more than 50 million citizens – direct access to China, India, ASEAN markets and other international markets through ports along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.

Myanmar has the right “ingredients” and potentials for sustainable growth: The country offers natural resources and arable land in abundance – most importantly, however, Myanmar possesses a skilled, motivated and young population to realize the potentials and positive change.

The Government of Myanmar is highly committed to encouraging investments with a positive impact on society and environment.

Myanmar is an emerging market with a relatively young, fast growing and increasingly urban population of approximately 54 million. With an expanding middle class, due to strong economic growth, there is an increasing demand for sustainable, locally produced and safe livestock and poultry products.

Animal population updated in January 2019 shows Myanmar has 9.5 millions cattle, 0.11 million dairy cattle, 1.8 millions buffaloes, 2.1 millions small ruminants, 5.8 millions pigs, 70 millions chickens and 8.9 millions of other poultry animals.

Population-wise Myanmar is still the least habited area among the neighbors. Population density per square mile was 197 in 2014.

Addition to this, Myanmar can provide exceptional resources for investors.
  • Water – 10 times as much per capita as China and India, 2 times as much as Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh.
  • Land – 14 million acres virgin and fallow; 83 million acres of forest
  • Strategic location – near major regional markets, along the 21st century silk road
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