Cattle Production

Cattle and Buffalo are traditionally raised as draught animals for cultivation and for rural transport. Beef from spent draught cattle is an important source of high nutritious food for the population.

Natural resources and value-added opportunities exist in Myanmar for improved food security and beef industry development. From December 2016 to November 2018, Myanmar exported (215,000) cattle and buffalo and earn US$.261.26 million.

Cattle producers in Myanmar are expecting foreign investors in beef sector; breeding, slaughtering and processing.

Dairy Production

Milk consumption in Myanmar as estimated by MLF is about 7.72 kg/Person/Year.

Around 0.7 million tons of milk is produced by cross-bred dairy cows and indigenous dual purpose local Pya-zein cows.

40% of total milk production are processed as condensed milk which is widely used as milked tea by the majority of population while 60% are consumed as pasteurized milk and other processed diary products.

The production does not meet the local consumption yet and still relies on imported dairy products.

There is a huge opportunity in dairy production; artificial insemination, feed, and milk processing.

Pig Production

In Myanmar, pork is the second most important source of meat accounting for approximately 30% of the total meat output. However, 85% of the total pig production is small in scale and their productivity is often far below potential levels.

Dutch animal feed company De Heus and the UK government are investing US$3.2 million to develop Myanmar’s pig farming industry, including establishing the country’s first ever pig stud farm.

Local farmers export live pig to Mizoram in India through Chin State.

The pig industry has also a good opportunity to invest in the areas of breeding, feed, improvement of housing systems, farm equipment, processing.


The consumption of poultry meant and egg are relatively low compared to other countries in South East. Demand for poultry meat is expected to double within the next 3-5 years. Increasing prospective local demand for poultry products is an opportunity for growing poultry industry. To fulfil the growing local demand, productivity will have to increase significantly by introducing improved (knowledge-intensive) production systems.

The poultry producers in Myanmar are trying very hard to improve their farming system from conversational to evaporated cooling

There are many opportunities to invest in improvement of housing system, slaughtering and processing.

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